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 How to identify a genuine Reid™ Edge Lift Anchor. 

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If any two materials could be said to define the modern world it would be Concrete and Steel. At Reid, it is our mission to provide finished cost control in concrete construction, through the development and delivery of products and systems that make concrete construction. 

Our product design and development team possesses over 200 years of collective engineering experience. Through our association with ITW we also have access to a technical resource and knowledge base that spans the globe. Make our experience and resources yours. Make Reid your first call.

Architectural Solutions

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Featured Products

  • Reid ReidBrace™
    Reid ReidBrace™

  • Reid™ OrbiPlate™
    Reid™ OrbiPlate™

  • ReidBar™ Rebate Systems
    ReidBar™ Rebate Systems

Precast Solutions Product Guide

An overview of products available from Reid for the Precast market. Download your copy today.


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