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    Nox-Crete offers a range of premium chemical solutions to protect your assets and help to delivery quality concrete elements.

    NOX-CRETE Blast-Off
    A powerful water based cleaning agent formulated to dissolve concrete buildup on heavy industrial equipment.

    NOX-CRETE Formguard Tj Plus
    High performance corrosion protection and inhibitor for steel forms.

    For more information, check out the Reid Precast Catalogue.
    Features & Benefits:

    NOX-CRETE Blast-Off
    • Contains a concentrated organic acid derived from sugar cane and sugar beets
    • Extremely fast-acting formula quickly dissolves concrete splatter and hardened build-up
    • Small molecular size allows deep penetration into the heaviest build-up
    • Water based and readily biodegradable (90% in 7 days)
    • Contains no mineral acid and is odour free
    • Produces a thick, rich foam that clings to vertical and overhead surfaces for increased effectiveness
    • Will not corrode steel, aluminium, magnesium, copper or damage plastic, fiberglass or rubber surfaces
    • Requires use of a Nox- Crete Pump Foamer
    • Vivid pH-sensitive purple dye indicates product is still working
    NOX-CRETE Formguard Tj Plus
    • Excellent rust corrosion inhibitor for steel forms and equipment
    • Reacts instantly with surface moisture, forming a waxy, protective coating
    • Physically and chemically bonds to the steel surface
    • Protects steel from corrosive effects of exterior exposure for up to 6 months
    • Highly water resistant even to the corrosive effects of salt water mist
    • Easy to apply with a spray pump, roller or brush
    • Dries rapidly – approximately 30 mins for light coatings
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