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    Offering unsurpassed versatility, ReidBar allows reinforcing to be cut at any point and screwed into one of the large variety of ReidBar components.   

    The ReidBar system is designed as a “bar break” system, such that the Grade 500E ReidBar itself is designed to yield well before the ReidBar connections. This provides engineers with the confidence to base structural design around the ReidBar as the limiting design factor.  The result is ease of design and on-site construction through robust connections and continuous lengths of reinforcing bar, avoiding lapping or re-threading of reinforcement.  

    Through reducing steel scrap, installation time, and reinforcing congestion in concrete pours, ReidBar reduces project cost and build time in construction. 

    ReidBar is a 500E Grade continuous threaded reinforcing system, enabling fast, easy and efficient reinforcement connections in any concrete structure. 
    • No protruding bars in precast elements.
    • Reduced formwork damage.
    • Reduced OH&S risk.
    • Increased productivity.
    • Meets the requirements of ‘Steel Reinforcing Materials, AS/NZS 4671:2001’.
    File Type File Description
    Reid Precast Connection Application Examples Installation GuidesThis document contains Connection Application Examples
    ReidBar™ Reinforcing Connection Systems Product and Specification Guide Product GuidesThis document contains important Specification and Installation information for ReidBar™ Reinforcing Connection Systems
    ReidBar™ Grout Sleeve – NZS3101:2006 Compliance Bulletin Product BulletinsThis product update presents testing on the ReidBarTM Grout Sleeve System performance against the requirements of NZS3101:2006 Amendment 3.

    Reid™ has been a trusted construction industry supplier for over 100 years.