ReidBar™ Grout Sleeves

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    Providing a full strength structural joints in critical hinge zones

    Grout Sleeves offer a splicing solution for reinforcing bars, and achieve a full-strength structural connection in critical hinge zones.  The internal surfaces are ribbed to ensure full bar break after sleeve has been filled with high performance cementitious grout (65MPa, 28-day compressive strength).

    Features & Benefits:
    • Using Grout Sleeves eliminates the need for any starter bars protruding from precast elements, that are liable to be damaged or bent during transportation, and provides ease of handling on site.
    • Develops full ultimate strength of the bar in ten bar diameters rather than forty bar diameters with duct or lapped slices.
    • Can provide full cantilever moment connections at the base and top of precast columns and walls.
    • Used in critical stress zones.
    • Eliminates cover issues with lapped bars.
    • Removes the need for in-fill pours between precast elements. 
    • Speeds up construction by reducing the requirement for poured insitu joints.
    • Grout sleeves are available in all bar sizes 12, 16, 20, 25 & 32.



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