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    ReidBar Grout Sleeves offer a precast panel on panel splicing solution which meets the performance requirements of NZS3101:2006 Amendment 2. Whilst made of Cast SG Iron, ReidBar Grout Sleeves also had been tested to the performance requirements of NZS3101:2006 Amendment 3. Refer to the documents section for more information.

    Unlike conventional lapping utilising drossbach system, ReidBar Grout Sleeves rely on significantly shorter embedment depths, and therefore reducing onsite hazard caused by long protruding starter bars. Also, ReidBar Grout Sleeves are generally slimmer than the equivalent drossbach system, therefore minimising reinforcing congestion in precast panels.

    Features & Benefits:
    • Eliminates the need for long starter bars protruding from precast elements, that are liable to be damaged or bent during transportation, and therefore provides ease of handling on site.
    • Incorporating Ramset™ Epcon™ C8 XTREM filler, had been tested to meet the new ISO 15835 performance requirement cited in NZS3101:2006 A3.
    • Slim in comparison to the equivalent drossbachs system, thus minimising congestion in precast panels. Smaller and shorter grouted cavity when compared to drossbachs system, therefore less grout and shorter installation time.


    File Type File Description
    ramsetreid Precast Solutions NZ Product GuideProduct GuideThis document contains product codes and key data for the precast solutions product range.
    ReidBar™ Grout Sleeve Design GuideDesign GuideThis document contains specifications and design guidelines for the reidbar™ Grout Sleeve Product
    ReidBar™ Grout Sleeve – NZS3101:2006 Compliance BulletinBulletinThis product update presents testing on the ReidBarTM Grout Sleeve System performance against the requirements of NZS3101:2006 Amendment 3.


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