ReidBar™ Soil & Rock Anchoring

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    Genuine ReidBar™ Systems: The trusted Rock and Soil Anchoring Solution.

    Discover unparalleled stability and reliability with ReidBar™  our Systems, meticulously crafted for rock and soil anchoring applications. Engineered to perfection, ReidBar™ sets the benchmark in anchor technology, ensuring steadfast performance over the long term.

    Precise Mechanical Properties:
    ReidBar™ boasts meticulously defined mechanical properties, guaranteeing unmatched consistency in performance. Experience peace of mind knowing that each anchor is crafted to exacting standards, delivering unwavering reliability in even the most demanding environments.

    Consistent Performance:
    Bid farewell to variability and welcome reliability. ReidBar™ Systems are engineered to deliver consistent performance under prolonged anchor loading. Whether enduring heavy loads or withstanding environmental pressures, ReidBar™ stands the test of time, ensuring your project remains on solid ground.

    Constructional Efficiency:
    Unlike traditional strand tendons, ReidBar™ anchors eliminate constructional losses, optimising efficiency and minimizing resource wastage. With ReidBar™, every installation is streamlined, maximizing productivity and reducing project timelines.

    Experience the ReidBar™ Advantage:
    Join the ranks of industry leaders who trust ReidBar™ for their anchoring needs. Elevate your projects with unparalleled stability, reliability, and efficiency. Choose ReidBar™ Systems and anchor your success today.

    Mechanical Precision:
    • ReidBar™ boasts closely defined mechanical properties, ensuring consistent performance under long-term anchoring loading.
    • This precision guarantees reliability in various applications, offering peace of mind to engineers and project managers alike.

    Construction Efficiency:
    • Unlike strand tendons, ReidBar™ anchors have no construction losses, optimising efficiency and minimising resource wastage.
    • Supplied in a hot rolled condition, ReidBar™ is effectively stress-free, streamlining installation processes and reducing project timelines.

    Safety, Sustainability & Durability:
    • With high ductility and smooth strain hardening, ReidBar™ offers a high margin of safety against tensile/shear overload, even in cases of transverse movements in rock or soil.
    • Its rugged thread resists damage, ensuring long-lasting performance in dynamic environments such as traffic wheel loads.
    • ReidBar Reinforcing Bar is proudly manufactured in New Zealand, reducing carbon emissions associated with transportation and promoting sustainability in the construction industry.
    • With ReidBar being produced locally, the environmental impact of long-distance transportation is minimised, contributing to a greener and more sustainable construction process.

    Ease of Use:
    • ReidBar™ can be tensioned, released, and re-tensioned with ease, simplifying installation and maintenance processes.
    • Its simplicity in applying prestress with various tools like jacks or torque wrenches enhances operational efficiency.

    UV Stability: 
    • ReidBar Reinforcing Bar is UV stable, ensuring long-lasting durability and strength in all weather conditions.
    • ReidBar maintains its structural integrity over time, reducing maintenance costs and preserving the quality of project installations
    • UV stability of ReidBar enhances its performance, making it a reliable choice for projects exposed to sunlight and harsh environmental conditions.

    Versatility & Adaptability:
    • Recoverable anchors simplify future excavations, offering flexibility and adaptability to evolving project needs.
    • Standard stock lengths can be stored and cut to suit specific applications, reducing waste and cost.
    • Offcut bars find versatile usage in standard concrete reinforcement applications on-site, enhancing resource utilisation and efficiency.

    Integration & Customisation:
    • ReidBar™ transmits anchor forces efficiently to the grout body without additional fittings, ensuring structural integrity and stability.
    • It can be cut, spliced, or welded at any point along its length, providing flexibility in design and installation.
    File Type File Description
    ReidBar™ Reinforcing Connection Systems Product and Specification Guide Product GuidesThis document contains important Specification and Installation information for ReidBar™ Reinforcing Connection Systems
    Reid Precast Solutions NZ Product Guide Product GuidesThis document contains product codes and key data for the precast solutions product range.
    Reid ReidBar Soil & Rock Anchoring Product Guide_NZ Product GuidesGenuine ReidBar™ Systems: The trusted Rock and Soil Anchoring Solution. Discover unparalleled stability and reliability with ReidBar™ our Systems, meticulously crafted for rock and soil anchoring applications. Engineered to perfection, ReidBar™ set
    Reid iPort Flange Anchor RTA Document Technical Assessment DocumentsThis Technical Assessment meets the testing requirements stipulated in clauses (b), (a), (b),,2,3 & 4 of NZS 3101:2006 A3
    Reid Steel Coupler RTA Document Technical Assessment DocumentsThis Technical Assessment meets the testing requirements stipulated in clauses,, 8.6.11 of NZS 3101:2006 A3

    ReidBar™ 500E Threaded Reinforcing Bar

    ReidBar™ 500E Threaded Reinforcing Bar:

    Part No.DescriptionPack Qty
    RBA16ReidBar 16mm 500E Grade Continuous Threaded Reinforcing BarN/A
    RB20ReidBar 20mm 500E Grade Continuous Threaded Reinforcing BarN/A
    RB25ReidBar 25mm 500E Grade Continuous Threaded Reinforcing BarN/A
    RB32ReidBar 32mm 500E Grade Continuous Threaded Reinforcing BarN/A
    ReidBar™ HDG Spherical Washer & Domed Plate

    ReidBar™ HDG Spherical Washer & Domed Plate:

    Part NoDescriptionPack QtyA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm
    BPLATE20100GReidBar Domed Base Plate for RBA16/RB20Each1006.314 (Nom.)40 (Nom.)
    BPLATE32150GReidBar Domed Base Plate for RB25/RB32Each1501024 (Nom.)54 (Nom.)
    RB20SWGReidBar Spherical Washer for RBA16/RB20100501824N/A
    RB32SWGReidBar Spherical Washer for RB25/RB3250712638N/A
    20FSWM20 Washer to suit RBA16 (Galv.) Applications200505N/AN/A
    ReidBar™ Half Nut

    ReidBar™ Half Nut:

    Part NoDescriptionPack QtyA (mm)B (mm)
    RBA16NHG16mm ReidBar Half Nut (Galv.)20019-2430
    RB20NHG20mm ReidBar Half Nut (Galv.)11020-2836
    RB25NHG25mm ReidBar Half Nut (Galv.)4030-3646
    RB32NHG32mm ReidBar Half Nut (Galv.)3038-4455
    ReidBar™ Full Nut

    ReidBar™ Full Nut:

    Part NoDescriptionPack QtyA (mm)B (mm)
    RBA16NGReidBar Nut for RBA16 (Galv.)1004530
    RB20NGReidBar Nut for RB20 (Galv.)555036
    RB25NGReidBar Nut for RB25 (Galv.)208546
    RB32NGReidBar Nut for RB32 (Galv.)108255
    ReidBar™ Couplers

    ReidBar™ Couplers:

    Part NoDescriptionPack QtyA (mm)B (mm)A/F (mm)
    RBA16CGReidBar Coupler for RBA16 (Galv.)201023030
    RB20CGReidBar Coupler for RB20 (Galv.)251193537
    RB25CGReidBar Coupler for RB25 (Galv.)101804345
    RB32CGReidBar Coupler for RB32 (Galv.)52105557
    RBA16CSGSteel ReidBar Coupler for RBA16 (Galv.)201363226
    RB20CSGSteel ReidBar Coupler for RB20 (Galv.)251483532
    RB25CSGSteel ReidBar Coupler for RB25 (Galv.)101934238
    RB32CSGSteel ReidBar Coupler for RB32 (Galv.)52426052
    ReidBar™ iPort Flange Anchor

    ReidBar™ iPort Flange Anchor:

    Part NoDescriptionPack QtyA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)A/F (mm)
    RBA16FAIPSGiPort Flange Anchor to suit RBA16 (Galv.)3650583536
    RB20FAIPSGiPort Flange Anchor to suit RB20 (Galv.)3250673536
    RB25FAIPSGiPort Flange Anchor to suit RB25 (Galv.)1280834242
    RB32FAIPSGiPort Flange Anchor to suit RB32 (Galv.)892925557


    System Coatings
    BB = Black Beauty Compatible.
    Galv. = Galvanised Finish Available

    Reid™ has been a trusted construction industry supplier for over 100 years.