ReidBar™ Threaded Inserts

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    ReidBar Threaded Inserts allow floor to wall connections of concrete elements to be formed without pre-cast bent / protruding starter bars. This results in the reduction of health & safety risk as well as performance risk, whilst increasing transport efficiency.

    Now also available in Steel, a ReidBar threaded insert solution that meets the requirements of NZS3101:2006 Amendment 3 is now available to the New Zealand market. Refer to the documents tab for more information.

    Features & Benefits:
    • Available in Cast SG Iron and Steel, in black and HDG finish. Refer to Documents section for full range.
    • ReidBar Threaded Inserts can be cast in flush, thus removing the need of pre-cast bent / protruding starter bars
    • Flush panel surface allows for easier storage at precast factories, more efficient transportation and safer handling
    • Reduced tripping hazard caused by protruding starter bars
    • Reduced fatigue / injury risk caused by bending and rebending starter bars
    • 500E Grade starter bars can only be bent and rebent once, to a strict bend radius requirement whilst requiring pre heating to ‘cherry red’. These impose performance risk on the tempered reinforcing bar if not done properly. ReidBar Threaded Inserts eliminate the need of these processes, and subsequently the associated risks.
    File Type File Description
    ramsetreid Precast Solutions NZ Product GuideProduct GuideThis document contains product codes and key data for the precast solutions product range.
    ReidBar Components Bulletin – Design EngineerBulletinThe recent update of NZS3101.1&2:2006 Concrete Structures Standard (Amendment 3) contains new provisions.
    ReidBar Components Bulletin – End UserBulletinThe recent update of NZS3101.1&2:2006 Concrete Structures Standard (Amendment 3) contains new provisions.
    Reid Precast Connection Application ExamplesApplicationThis document contains Connection Application Examples
    ReidBar™ Steel Components Specification Installation GuideInstallation GuideThis document contains important Specification and Installation information for ReidBar Steel Components.


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