Ramset™ ReidBrace™

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    Ramset™ ReidBrace™ is an off-the-shelf system that provides design engineers and constructors with an economic solution for tension bracing of structures, tie-back applications and temporary works bracing.

    ReidBrace™ utilises ReidBar™, a user friendly continuously threaded reinforcing bar system, as tension members. This makes ReidBrace™ a unique system that is easy to install with minimum extra processes onsite.

    For more information on Ramset™ ReidBrace™, head to the Ramset website: https://ramset.co.nz/product/reidbrace/

    Features & Benefits:

    • Engineered design, tested, certified and quality assured.
    • Coarse threaded 500-grade ReidBar used as the system tendon.
    • Eliminates welding and threading.
    • The over-length bar can be cut without dismantling the bracing assembly.
    • Substantial cost savings in labour and materials.
    • All components conveniently sold in box sets.


    Reid™ has been a trusted construction industry supplier for over 100 years.