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    Partnering with Nox-Crete, a leading manufacturer of Precast Chemical products, ramsetreid offers two Release Agents.

    Nox-Crete Bio-Nox

    Nox-Crete Bio-Nox is a biodegradable, water based, maximum performance concrete form Release Agent. 

    It is specifically designed for producing bright white architectural wall panels free of blemishes and discoloration.  Bio-Nox produces smooth, non-absorptive form surfaces, and is ideal for steel, fiberglass, plastic, rubber, latex forms and formliners and all nonabsorptive overlaid forms.

    Nox-Crete Release Agent #10 (RA10)
    Nox-Crete RA10 is a solvent based precast form Release Agent specifically formulated for use on dense, nonabsorptive  forms. It is ideal for wet cast applications requiring an architectural concrete appearance. It works best with steel, fiberglass, plastic and non-absorptive
    overlaid plywood forms.

    For more information, check out the Reid Precast Catalogue.

    Features & Benefits:

    Nox-Crete Bio-Nox

    • Water Based
    • Combines methyl esters derived from corn and soybean oil with organic fatty acids
    • Will not harm rubber or latex formliners
    • Produces beautiful, bright white and void-free cast concrete surfaces
    • Helps keep forms clean
    • Incorporates a rust inhibitor to prevent flash rusting of steel forms
    • Excellent emulsion stability
    • Also incorporates an antioxidant to minimize the oxidation of applied films
    • Readily biodegradable

    Nox-Crete Release Agent #10

    • Solvent based
    • Incorporates a blend of very fast-drying solvents
    • Produces architectural, bright white void-free concrete surfaces
    • Minimizes surface air voids (bugholes)
    • Performs extremely well on steel and fiberglass forms
    • Helps keep forms clean – breaks down and removes hardened concrete buildup through regular use
    • Incorporates a rust inhibitor to prevent flash rusting of steel forms
    • Has a high flash point (>60°C)
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    Reid Precast Solutions NZ Product Guide Product GuidesThis document contains product codes and key data for the precast solutions product range.
    Nox-Crete Bio-Nox Mould Release SDS Safety Data SheetsSafety data for Nox-Crete Bio-Nox Mould Release

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