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    Partnering with Nox-Crete, a leading manufacturer of Precast and Tilt Chemical products, ramsetreid offers a range of premium sprayer units and accessories.

    NOX-CRETE Excel Precision Form Sprayer
    The Nox-Crete EXCEL sprayer is a heavy duty stainless steel sprayer and is highly recommended for the application of Nox-Crete chemicals to get a superior surface release and finish in Precast applications.

    The sprayer comes equipped with high quality and robust parts designed specifically for the delivery of chemicals in heavy duty manufacturing environments. The high-pressure dispersion of release agents ensures an excellent finish free from chemical staining and streaks.

    NOX-CRETE Perfect Concrete & Form Sprayer
    The Nox-Crete PERFECT Concrete and Form sprayer is a heavy duty stainless steel sprayer for Precast, tilt-up and concrete construction sites.

    It can be hand pumped or air-charged to 6.2 bar (90 psi), making it a versatile and robust sprayer on large construction sites and tilt up yards for the delivery of form release agents and chemical bond-breakers.

    NOX-CRETE Hand Pump Foamer
    The Nox-Crete Hand Pump Foamer is ideal for the application of cleaning and maintenance chemicals such as Nox-Crete BLAST-OFF and Nox-Crete KEM-EX-IT Plus.

    It produces a thick, rich foam which clings to vertical surfaces allows greater dwell time on the surface of the form, allowing the chemicals to produce excellent results.

    For more information, check out the Reid Precast or Tilt Catalogues.
    Features & Benefits:

    NOX-CRETE Excel Precision Form Sprayer
    • Produces excellent form face finish, free from chemical staining and streaks
    • 20L stainless steel tank
    • Pressurizes up to 8.9 bar (130 psi)
    • Chemical-resistant seals and gaskets
    • Wide mouth easy fill tank
    • 1.5 m chemically resistant hose with swivel attached to the trigger valve connector
    • High-capacity in-line, 200-mesh liquid filter
    • 2.8 bar (40 psi) control flow (CF) valves maintain constant pressure for consistent spray flow
    NOX-CRETE Perfect Concrete & Form Sprayer
    • Gun-style handle and trigger
    • 2.8 bar (40 psi) control flow (CF) valves maintain constant pressure for consistent spray flow
    • Heavy-duty, 15L stainless steel tank
    • 1.5 m (5 ft.) chemical-resistant hose with swivel
    NOX-CRETE Hand Pump Foamer
    • Delivers thick, rich foam to maximize Blast-Off & Kem-Ex-It Plus effectiveness by extending dwell time, even on vertical surfaces
    • Viton® seals for extended durability
    • Wide mouth and funnel cup for easy filling
    • Heavy-duty polypropylene, 7.5L (2.0 gal) tank and gun assembly
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