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    Reid™ SwiftLift™ Lifting Anchors, Clutches and accessories make lifting concrete components easy, efficient and safer during transportation, rigging and lifting of precast concrete elements. 

    The SwiftLift system utilises a fully engineered approach combining cast-in lifting anchors, recess formers, and custom-fitting lifting clutches. Using the SwiftLift system results in fewer failures, saving time and costs due to damage or construction delays.

    The range includes:

    • SwiftLift™ Combination Anchors
    • SwiftLift™ Eye Anchors
    • SwiftLift™ Foot Anchors
    • SwiftLift™ Void Formers
    • SwiftLift™ Lifting Clutch

    SwiftLift™ Combination Anchors
    SwiftLift Combination Anchors feature a combined foot and eye. When used with a reinforcing hanger bar they are able to provide deeper anchorage and increased load capacity in thin wall or low strength concrete elements. The cutout foot and saddle like moulded eye opening provide support for the reinforcing hanger bar. 

    SwiftLift™ Eye Anchors
    SwiftLift Eye Anchors are higher load anchors which provide deeper anchorage and increased load capacity in thin wall or low strength concrete elements. They are ideal for bridge beams and other heavy precast concrete elements. 

    SwiftLift™ Foot Anchors
    SwiftLift Foot Anchors are the most versatile and widely used anchors in the SwiftLift range.  Made from forged high strength steel, the Foot Anchors are hot dipped galvanised for corrosion protection. 316 Stainless Steel anchors are available on request. 

    SwiftLift™ Lifting Clutches cover the full SwiftLift range from 1.3t to 32t WLL.
    SwiftLift Clutches have been designed so that they cannot spontaneously disengage whilst the system is under load at any orientation, provided they are correctly connected to the head of the correct anchor in the recess. When the lift is complete and the load released, the SwiftLift Clutch is quickly and simply disengaged.

    SwiftLift™ Void Formers
    Rubber, Steel and Articulated Void Formers are available to suit the range of anchors in the SwiftLift family.

    File Type File Description
    Reid™ SwiftLift™ Lifting Eye Clutches_CD_NZ Compliance DocumentsReid™ SwiftLift™ Lifting Eye Clutches comply with NZ Good Practice Guide: Safe Work with Precast Concrete: 2018
    Reid™ SwiftLift™ Foot Anchor_CD_NZ Compliance DocumentsReid™ SwiftLift™ Foot Anchors comply with NZ Good Practice Guide: Safe Work with Precast Concrete: 2018
    Reid™ SwiftLift™Eye Anchors_CD_NZ Compliance DocumentsReid™ SwiftLift™Eye Anchors comply with NZ Good Practice Guidelines: safe work with precast concrete 2018
    Reid Lifting Systems Compatibility Guide Installation GuidesPlease refer to the relevant Compliance Document for further information.
    Reid_Face Lift Flat Lift Anchor_CD_NZ Compliance DocumentsReid_Face Lift Flat Lift Anchor_CD_NZ
    Reid SwiftLift EdgeMaster_NZGPG Compliance Doc_NZ Compliance DocumentsReid SwiftLift EdgeMaster_NZGPG Compliance Doc_NZ
    Reid Precast Solutions NZ Product Guide Product GuidesThis document contains product codes and key data for the precast solutions product range.
    Product Bulletin External Design Guide Foot Anchors Product BulletinsReid™ SwiftLift™ Foot Anchors Reduced Edge Distance & Anchor Spacing Performance Tables Bulletin Detail: To compliment Current TDS with reduced Edge Distance & Anchor Spacing performance tables
    Reid™ Lifting System Compatibility Safety Alert Product BulletinsReid™ Lifting System Compatibility Safety Alert. Reid Clutches are not designed to be used with other manufacturers’ lifting products, as there is no guarantee of compatibility.

    Reid™ has been a trusted construction industry supplier for over 100 years.