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Reid have the longest serving history, and most enviable reputation, in New Zealand when it comes to Concrete Lifting Products. If your business is lifting precast concrete, the range of products offered by Reid is the most comprehensive, researched and tested by any New Zealand supplier.


Reinforcing products from Reid Contruction Systems provide simple solutions for structural concrete connection, reducing both labour and material costs. Using ReidBar and ReidBar components provides many benefits for Precasters and Builders.

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Not only do Reid offer an extensive range of connections to suit almost every application, but also a range that delivers consistent reliability and quality, supported with technically superior design information. Extensive research, development and testing are invested in all Reid Threaded Inserts with performance data derived and verified through hundreds of tests, utilising both in-house and independent testing facilities.

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We are firmly focused on providing innovative reinforcing support solutions through our core brands Reid™ and Danley™. Reid’s comprehensive range of chair and spacer products provide a reinforcing support solution to suit every application. What is AS/NZS 2425:2015? AS/NZS 2425:2015 bar chairs in reinforced concrete - product requirements and test methods is a mandatory standard that covers minimum durability requirements for chairs and spacers used in concrete construction. 

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The ability of reinforced concrete to take up virtually any shape that the architect can visualise is probably the single most important characteristic that has made it the dominant construction material of the modern age. The flip side of this flexibility is the high dynamic and static loads that concrete generates during pouring and curing, and the need for material intensive forming systems to resist them.

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With many precast elements, and panel elements, there will be a need to provide temporary support in the form of braces or props to hold the element safely in position until the rest of the surrounding structure is complete and locks the element in its final position. Reid provides solutions for Propping and placement with a range of AS 3850 compliant products.

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Concrete construction demands chemicals to improve cycle times, clean and maintain formwork, and enhance concrete finishes. The range of Chemical Solutions from Reid Contruction Systems includes Release Agents, Sprayers, and Cleaning and Maintenance products to ensure overall costs are reduced whilst producing the highest quality concrete components.

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Reid™ has been a trusted construction industry supplier for over 100 years.