Reid™ OrbiPlate™ 

OrbiPlate overcomes the major headache that comes with bolted connections, getting the holes to line up! The methods traditionally used to overcome this were time consuming, costly and often structurally inadequate.

The patented OrbiPlate system is used when connecting steel to steel or steel to concrete elements and delivers connection tolerances of up to 20mm around the centre of the connection. It also provides the ability to achieve fine locational accuracy when positioning each steel member.

Spartan™ Formwork System 

Spartan is the complete Precast Formwork solution. The Spartan Formwork System brings innovative, smart technology to the precast yard and allows imagination the freedom of full expression in the physical structure. 

Central to the Spartan Formwork System is the Titan™ Magnet Clamp and Spartan Sideform. Together, these products provide unparalleled levels of accuracy, flexibility, efficiency and safety to precast yards.


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